Metis Africa Consulting Limited is delighted to have this opportunity to prepare this proposal for point of sale system & integration with value add services to St. Mary’s Hospital Langata.

We have an excellent approach which is time tested and having a very high level of ‘fit’ with your stated requirements. Accordingly, we believe our proposal will demonstrate our ability to provide an excellent solution and inspire you to place your trust in our organization.

We welcome the opportunity to grow and enhance the partnership with St Mary’s Hospital Langata, as it is our belief that we have the understanding of the St Mary’s Hospital Langata needs, the right cultural alignment and the end-to-end technical capability to deliver a robust, flexible, risk averse and cost effective flexible services.

Our Consultancy Offering will provide St Mary’s Hospital Langata with:

  • A highly skilled and experienced work force
  • The full breadth of resources required
  • Delivery through a proven quality management system
  • Full complement skills to match all the requirements
  • Strong Relationship Management